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  • Aging American Barleywine Started by Benvarine
    I recently brewed a Barleywine. It is ready to take the next step in aging now. Plan to age for ...
    8 comments Most recent by JerryDecember 2013Strong Ale
  • Hog Wallow Ale; Fall/Winter Beer Started by ceannt
    Hog Wallow Ale SUMMARY (Original Gravity) O.G. = 1.073 (Final Gravity) F.G. = 1.018 (Bitterness) IBU = 70 (Color) SRM = 21 (Alcohol) APV = 7.1% Calories per 12-oz bottle =236 For a 5-gallon batch: 11 pounds Maris Otter ...
    17 comments Most recent by ceanntNovember 2013Strong Ale
  • Barleywine build thread Started by C_B This discussion was created from comments split from The Land of Magical Enchantment.
    65 comments Most recent by ceanntJuly 2013Strong Ale
  • Barley Wine plan Started by Evan_B
    Sitting around with nothing to do, unable to brew, I decided to work on some recipes to try when I ...
    23 comments Most recent by ceanntJune 2013Strong Ale