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    My name is Ace Club (not really, but I'm a spy in real life and can't divulge my real name). I started brewing back in 2000. I tried making two batches of mead while in college. Both turned out okay at best. While in the Navy, a couple buddies got me started brewing beer and I've been hooked ever since.

    I've recently upgraded my equipment setup from extract batches to full-on All-Grain batches with a three-tier, gravity-drained basketball-post setup. While brewing all-grain has improved the quality of my beer (my first batch was phenomenal), it has also caused me to step back and examine my methods (the following three batches were contaminated due to poor cleaning of the boil kettle ball valve).

    Like golf, this hobby is both fun and frustrating. At least with brewing, I'm not constantly losing my balls.
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    Welcome Ace. Sounds like your adventures in sanitation can benefit the whole community. maybe you could post a thread on how to properly clean a ball valve. most of us have them on our equipment and i doubt anyone pays much attention to them.
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