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Green chile and cheddar cheese cornbread
  • scoobscoob
    Posts: 16,617
    1 cup butter

    3/4 cup sugar

    4 eggs

    3/4 cup green chili, diced (one 8 oz can of hot diced hatch green chiles)

    1 1/2 cups cream-style corn

    1/2 cup cheddar cheese, shredded

    1 cup flour

    1 cup yellow cornmeal

    2 tablespoons baking powder

    1 teaspoon salt


    1) Preheat oven to 325 degree f.

    2) Cream butter and sugar.

    3) Add eggs slowly, one at a time.

    4) Add chiles, corn and cheese, mixing well to incorporate.

    5) Sift together dry ingredients, then add and mix until smooth.

    6) Pour into well-buttered, square 9 inch pan and bake about 1 hour

    This is what should be a close approximation to the cornbread at the Fuego Bistro restaurant here in Phoenix , after much bugging last night I was told by the chef that their recipe is a basic scratch cornbread recipe with creamed corn, they add shredded cheddar and green chiles to it, the cheddar flavor is subtle so I imagine there is not a ton in it, might be good if the cheddar was upped to 3/4 cup or a full cup. But it might throw off the wet to dry ratio and result in a mushy cornbread.

    So here is a good start point, I'm going to make some midweek with a cup of cheddar and see how it turns out, then I can adjust this recipe and add tasting notes.
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  • FuzzyFuzzy
    Posts: 47,102
    looks good. i love me some cornbread. i usually cook mine in a skillet. it adds a really nice crispy crust to the bottom.
    "Oh, you were serious? I was drunk."-C_B
  • scoobscoob
    Posts: 16,617
    Cast iron skillet is the only way to go! I pilfered a few small ones from a restaurant out here, enough cornbread for two people, and I also nicked the wooden plates they sit in, perfect for serving fresh from the oven to the table.
    Jesus didn't wear pants